Re: Here is why my UV print exposures were so erratic...

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Date: 01/24/04-07:16:19 AM Z
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I was getting lots of crazy results...splotchy prints and stuff like that.

I figured it out while was running a calibration and at one point had to reset the negative on the paper. I saw ghosting of the numbers on the print that clued me in to what was going on. It's funny because this paper (rising stonehenge) I was coverimg the print with is quite thick.
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  Was it giving you a nice pattern of the cover paper texture on your final print?

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    For the longest time I could never figure out why my kallitype exposures were so erratic from print to print. Sometimes too dark... sometimes too light. I came up with every possible explanation under the sun, but tonight I finally figured it out...the real reason.


    What I was doing was allow the mercury vapor UV lamp to fully warm for 5+ minutes while covering up the print in the vacuum frame with heavy stock cotton paper. Well it turns out that the paper I was covering it with is not UV opaque! It was getting significant exposure before the exposure.


    So I finally figured it out quite by accident and thought I would share. Fortunately, now I have a working integrator so I won't have to warm up the lamp and time my exposures.
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