Re: Color Daguerreotypes?

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Hi Judy,

Perhaps this was the book: Pioneers of Photography: Their Achievements
in Science and Technology. Springfield, VA: The Society of Imaging Science
and Technology, 1997, distributed by the Northeastern University Press.


Judy Seigel wrote:

> There's been quite a bit published about Levi Hill, but this story is not
> among the many I've read. There was in fact a respected book about the
> issue, probably about 1990 (I saw it at Harvey Zucker's, and skimmed it,
> but didn't buy)... In sum, several serious experts (from RIT? Don't
> remember) did succeed in making the "real color" dags according to his
> instructions, which were shown in the book. They didn't look exactly like
> C-prints, but they were still a real accomplishment... and exceedingly
> difficult to make and replicate.
> The "explanation" of these workers was something (again from vague memory)
> to do with the chemicals which were not uniform at the time -- nor were
> instruments and manipulations very advanced.
> I suspect that this book is the same kind of hoax it purports to describe.
> What are the footnotes and the the documentation? Sounds way way way too
> pat, or glib, to me... and I think not mentioned, let alone documented, in
> other histories.
> What has been reported, howwever, is the crazed frustration Hill
> experienced as he repeatedly failed to duplicate his original results. He
> died bitter and defeated, also hounded by accusations of the sort repeated
> here.
> Judy
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