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On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, epona wrote:
> "I'm the commander-see, I don't need to explain. I do not need to
> explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the
> president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say
> something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." -
> George W. Bush

Now Christine, in the midst of a discussion about the importance of
anchoring citations, you give us that just free floating? Not that it
sounds unlikely, but... should we just make citation up... so OK, I'll
.... no, he didn't really say that... You're quoting Peanuts !

> "You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full
> of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the
> clue mating dance." -- Attributed by some to Edward Flaherty

That is the funniest 31 words I ever read. Who is Edward Flaherty?

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