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Date: 01/21/04-05:40:26 PM Z
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        Down here in Barbados we have warm, humid conditions year round. Your
chief enemies are high temp, humidity, and lack of UV (dark places like
closets or darkroom cabinets). I suggest the following:
1) DO NOT put lens caps on them and store them in the dark.
2) DO leave the lens caps off and store them somewhere where there will be
daylight (UV) that will prevent mold.
3) DO, if possible, keep them somewhere where there is air-conditioning.
4) DO keep them in a relatively dust free environment.
5) Think about security.
        How do I achieve most of the above? I bought an old cosmetics display
all-glass cabinet. I keep my cameras and lenses in it. It is about 8 feet
from a window and, though it is never hit by direct sunlight it does receive
LOTS of daylight. Sadly, I don't have AC but I do store negatives at a
friend's air-conditioned facility. If you know someone whom you trust who
has a secure, air-conditioned office or facility you will have to worry less
about the sunlight.
Another option is to put the lenses in Zip Lock baggies with a few silica
gel packs in each and, again, the lens caps off. Put the baggies where they
can get daylight. I know that both the above mentioned glass and the
plastic from the Zip Lock baggies will absorb much of the UV but it is still
better than the dark.
        I hope this will help!
                CHEERS FROM BARBADOS!

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Subject: storing lenses

I have to store a couple of lenses for three months in my house here in TN.
I wonder what is the best way to do this to prevent mold?

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