Re: what is a collotype?

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Date: 09/10/02-12:07:32 PM Z
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Sandy King writes:
> Does anyone know if there is any commercial collotype printing around
> anymore? I know that Black Box in Chicago, which was once the premier
> collotype press in this country, stopped making them quite a long
> time back and donated two very large collotype presses to a
> university in Arizona, Arizona State I believe.

The large presses did indeed go to Arizona State, in Tempe, and they
are housed off the main campus somewhere. The cool thing about the
equipment grant is that it stipulated that the presses had to be kept in
use and that they were not to become museum pieces. The group at ASU is
small, but they seem dedicated to making those monsters work.

Richard Hamilton's pieces were done in Vienna, but I believe that that
press closed up in the 80s. Kent Kirby, who wrote "Studio Collotype",
seemed to have been set up for collotype in Michigan, but that book is
now old (1988) and I have not contacted him to see what's become of
his operation.

Collotype inks are still manufactured.

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