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Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for your rapid and qualitative good answer.
I have gathered data about the following Pt salts:
  Salt solubility in g/100 ml H2O at degrees C
Na2PtCl4 17.8
20 (Handbook of C & P)
K2PtCl4 0.93
16 "
K2PtCl4 17
15 Wall,E.J: Dict.of Photogr. 1895
K2PtCl4 > 20
20 B&S sells 20% solution
(NH4)2PtCl4 > 50 21
Mike Ware
Na2PtCl6.6H2O 66 15
Handbook of C&P
K2PtCl6 0.481
2 "
(NH4)PtCl6 0.7
15 "

I will ask my colleague in Eindhoven if he can find data in his database.
If the answer is yes I will send them to you in the future .
>From these data and your remark that (NH4)2PtCl6 is used in the recovery of
Platinum salts and it will precipitate
from almost any solution containing chloroplatinate and ammonium ions I must
conclude that men who can use
Na2PtCl6 as a contrast agent in Extravagatype are real magicians .But it is
a pity : I was never selected for having lessons
on the Schweinstein castle like Harry Potter.

Kind regards

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