Re: Has anyone else had the Epson 1280 print dialog change lately?

From: Dennis Moser ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/14/04-09:33:48 PM Z
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Turning off the cloaking device and coming out of lurker mode...

You don't mention what kind of Mac you upgraded to Panther that was
fraught with problems. I ask because you mention the use of SCSI
devices and moving from Jaguar...which suggests you're using a
machine that did not have a native SCSI port on it and you were using
a SCSI PCI card?

Is this close? All of it has a bearing on how the migration works,
based on experience elsewhere (the Unsupported OS X listserv, for

Dennis Moser

>I can not answer your specific question. However, the upgrade to the
>Panther OS-X operating system was a disaster for me. It quite
>literally refused to work with almost all of my Epson drivers, both
>printers and scanners. Plus, the Panther system will not recognize
>any of my SCSI devices.
>If I had my way the Apple executive who authorized the release of
>Panther with all these problems would be tarred and feathered. My
>advice to anyone thinking of making the so-called upgrade from the
>last version of Jaguar to Panther, is "Don't do it now."
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