Re: Has anyone else had the Epson 1280 print dialog change lately?

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/14/04-01:47:18 PM Z
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I can not answer your specific question. However, the upgrade to the
Panther OS-X operating system was a disaster for me. It quite
literally refused to work with almost all of my Epson drivers, both
printers and scanners. Plus, the Panther system will not recognize
any of my SCSI devices.

If I had my way the Apple executive who authorized the release of
Panther with all these problems would be tarred and feathered. My
advice to anyone thinking of making the so-called upgrade from the
last version of Jaguar to Panther, is "Don't do it now."


>I'm hoping someone on the list has an answer for this. I was
>printing a desktop digi-neg last night, and when I went to the
>print-with-preview dialog box , the whole thing was REALLY
>different. I am running OSX 10.3, and have downloaded updates as
>recently as a few days ago. It appears to me that Apple may have
>slipped in a new 1280 driver, because everything is radically
>different. The most bothersome part is that the dialog no longer
>contains the 'flip horizontal' button that allows you to print the
>OHP with ink on the proper side for contact printing. There are also
>lots of other options that are different than they have been as
>recently as 3 weeks ago. Any idea what is going on? BTW, it must be
>an OS issue, because the same new dialog pops up in Photoshop CS and
>Photoshop 7.0.
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