Re: Has anyone else had the Epson 1280 print dialog change lately?

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Date: 01/14/04-11:54:24 AM Z
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I am running OSX 10.3 (Panther) also. The newer versions of OSX install all
sorts of drivers from various companies. I believe there are even
additional drivers you can install on Disk 3 of 10.3. This can be a problem,
because these probably over write the driver you have installed.

Have you tried pulling out all the 1280 driver files from your system file
and then re-installing the current Epson 1280 driver? This might help.

Mark Nelson
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> I'm hoping someone on the list has an answer for this. I was printing a
> desktop digi-neg last night, and when I went to the print-with-preview
> dialog box , the whole thing was REALLY different. I am running OSX
> 10.3, and have downloaded updates as recently as a few days ago. It
> appears to me that Apple may have slipped in a new 1280 driver, because
> everything is radically different. The most bothersome part is that the
> dialog no longer contains the 'flip horizontal' button that allows you
> to print the OHP with ink on the proper side for contact printing.
> There are also lots of other options that are different than they have
> been as recently as 3 weeks ago. Any idea what is going on? BTW, it
> must be an OS issue, because the same new dialog pops up in Photoshop
> CS and Photoshop 7.0.
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