Re: screenprinting chemical question

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Date: 01/13/04-02:40:43 PM Z
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On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, John Cremati wrote:

> Sodium Hydroxide is in fact lye. I believe "Drano" is also made of
> Sodium hydroxide as well.. This is very caustic stuff and quite dangerous.
> I have a friend that had severe 3rd degree burns from using this stuff with
> both no protection and no common sense .
> Potassium Hydroxide is found in some paint removers( probably the
> weaker water soluble kind) and is also very caustic .

Now think about those books like "Overexposure" about "safety hazards" in
photography that make even gum arabic sound toxic. And the photo chemicals
we can hardly get because some apparachik labelled them hazardous. But go
into any hardware store and get enough strong stuff to wreak havoc on
entire populations.

Here's my theory: photo chemicals are for nutsoid folks doing weird, and
uh oh, verging on *art* things apparachiks don't understand. Hardware
stores are for manly chores, like clogged drains.

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