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      Sodium Hydroxide is in fact lye. I believe "Drano" is also made of
Sodium hydroxide as well.. This is very caustic stuff and quite dangerous.
I have a friend that had severe 3rd degree burns from using this stuff with
both no protection and no common sense .
      Potassium Hydroxide is found in some paint removers( probably the
weaker water soluble kind) and is also very caustic . I had delt with a
company in Cleveland that made paint removers and would also sell
individual chemicals, but for some reason I can not remember their name
but they were on Spring Parkway..... They also sold 28% Ammonia and 99%
pure Glycerin very very cheap in gallon jugs or 5 gallon pails...

John Cremati

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> Hi all,
> In screenprinting there is an expensive chemical stuff called auto
> that removes crud from screens. I noticed today it has potassium
> in it, in a paste base. Has anyone substituted another chemical for this
> stuff in screenprinting that works as well and is not expensive? Isn't
> Devil Lye 100% sodium hydroxide, and are the two (potassium and sodium
> hydroxide) interchangeable to an extent, those of you chemists out there
> are not screenprinters per se?
> Chris
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