Re: silvery sheen & fisheyes

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Date: 01/08/04-06:37:00 PM Z
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I agree

> 2. Of literally hundreds of students doing VDB, I never saw the
> silvering-- or plating out -- on a print that hadn't been heat dried. Or
> to put it another way, before the penny dropped & I made the connection,
> we often had plating out (students are in a big hurry -- hair dryering
> seems to be the norm, reflexive in fact, at school). The patterns of the
> silver in the shadows could be quite stunning. Too bad it proved nearly
> impossible to control.
> Of course that was VDB. Christina/argyro may have a different phenomenon.

I think it is the nature of impregnation processes. On the other hand heat
dying with gum,, bromoil or carbon direct / transfer. I have never had any
problems, and of course with my Temperaprint process. This does not mean
that there no problems but I haven't personally observed them.

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