Re: Is anyone using Dave Soemarko's LC-1 to develop lith film?

From: ryberg ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/08/04-03:42:16 PM Z
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    Many thanks! It would never have occurred to me that too much developer
in the tray could cause mottling--but reducing the amount to three ounces
solved the problem.
    I also, I think, solved the problem of drag in the tube--every 30
seconds I picked up the tube and turned it around--thus reversing the
direction (I SAID I had an old unit). Anyway, 2:4:4 in a tray for
three minutes gave me a good negative. 1:2:7 in my tube also worked well.
The tube negative is a little thinner and maybe a little better, but not
enough for me to continue testing as my current problem is solved.
Thanks again, Charles
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