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Date: 01/08/04-11:33:46 AM Z
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one more thought, dry down effect is pretty great with Argyro. if it
looks good in the wash, it usually turns out too dark when dry. that's
been the experience here.


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On Jan 8, 2004, at 8:52 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Two problems with unsuitable papers: yellow stain does not
> out,
> or brown areas wash out. However, nothing in my notes about
> out.
> Can't wait to find out the cause--Christine, did you retry it on the

> same
> paper with no sizing?

I'll try that tonight.

> And, if it is not getting dark enough, are you
> exposing enough?

Must be - the highlights get too dark before my blacks are black. Or
deep chocolate brown. My times with a bank of BLB tubes and direct
have been > 10 minutes.

> Is it not getting dark enough because it is washing out of
> the unsuitable paper?
> Chris

Well, it look okay after fixing and in the wash. When it dries it
looks pretty crappy.


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