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Date: 01/07/04-10:45:13 PM Z
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> Then about the silvering on the argyrotype... There may be no connection,
> but -- we found that VDB never silvered out when it wasn't heat dried...
> tho it often did (depending on paper and contrast) when it was heat dried.
> There was quite a literature on the papers that did & didn't "plate out"
> but it didn't happen when air dried at room temp.
> Though this problem may not be that problem, I realize.
> J.

I'm puzzled by problems with argyrotype, since it was the easiest of all
processes with me, almost brush n' go. However, I used absorbent papers,
not sized ones, and I betcha Judy is right, that the solution is sitting on
top of the surface instead of being absorbed enough before exposure. I used
Rives, Buxton, vellum, and others and altho the Buxton was wonderful (less
grainy than Rives), for the price it was not worth the hassle. Both papers
are nicely absorbent, and I have never felt the need to size, and gotten
very dark darks. My solution was exactly the same as...Christines' was it?
And no added sulfamic. Is, btw, the silvering out a bronzing, perhaps, as
appears in other processes? Anyway, go out and buy a sheet of Rives and
give it a whirl.

To get specific, Ware says sizing should be aquapel or alkyletene (sp) dimer
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