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Actually I'm a huge fan of public transportation and in love with the NYC
MTA compared to SF MUNI. San Francisco seemed to be getting better these
last couple years but you should have seen public transportation there
during the dot boom. I'd wait as many trains would go by my stop during
commute packed with people cheek to cheek (seriously it's quite a sight if
you've ever seen it). Anyway, I love the red line here in New York going
downtown from my temp housing at Columbia. Such a feel these subway stations
have here and if millions of images hadn't already been done, I'd do
something with the locations. Right now it's too cold to do anything as I
get used to east coast climate again. Been six years since I've seen a full
winter with temperatures under 40. But still I'm glad to have real seasons
again and not a constant 59 degrees all year round that San Francisco
offers. Though I still laughed (even a couple weeks ago) seeing the tourist
come in to San Francisco wearing shorts thinking it would be warm. It's even
funnier in the summer!
Judy Wrote:

Chris, what the cop was trying to explain to you is that a car in NYC is
grief and the subways are amazingly good. But here's a trick may make
things better or worse -- keep a disposable camera in the glove
compartment, and when something like that happens make a big show of
taking a picture of the "action." If that doesn't dispersuade the cop, and
you want to take the trouble of going to court, it has happened that a
judge will take pity on a newcomer first day... as in "guilty with an
explanation." However, rest assured that if you are parked legally and
some bozo double parks so you can't get out, you can honk and holler and
call 911 and no cops will appear.

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> ...Plus I've learned that even if you're in a car in a "no standing
> zone", that the traffic cops will stand in font of your turned on car not
> letting you move and write you a $115 ticket. That was my welcome to NYC.
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