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Date: 01/07/04-08:12:21 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:
> .... you could add the right amount of water and use
> it... (In fact I dimly recall doing that years ago.) And if that's true,
> maybe for palladium also?

nze christian wrote:
> ...
> If you keep the palladium in separate bottle you could use it even if it
> absorb humidity (as you know the original weight). But when you got a
> large amount it is hard to knowwhat it weight.

Well for those cases (sludge where the weight is not known) what I
expect could be done is at a constant temperature (and pressure) add
water until the solution is at the saturation point (stays in solution,
no precipitate). Doing this in a graduate will measure the volume. At
that same temperature (and pressure) add a measured amount to some
volume of water in another graduate until the saturation point. Then
measure the volumes of both. The ratio of weight material per volume
made should be the same. Now you know the weight of material and its
solution strength which can now be adjusted to whatever solution
strength is needed. If weaker is needed, add more water. If stronger
is needed, add the appropriate amount of dry measured material.

Note that with PdCl2 it may be tricky to get the material into solution.
  It may help to heat the solution and shake then lower to a temperature
just warm enough to not precipitate thus determinig the temperature to use.

Anyway I am sure I can use any PdCl2 that anyone hasn't already sent to
England or Texas, so send it to me in Vermont. Did you know that the
platinum salts go bad? Better send them to me as well.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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