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Date: 01/07/04-03:06:53 AM Z
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On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, nze christian wrote:

> Hi all
> Sandy is true, palladium cholride absorb water during time. But it much
> more time comapre to gold chloride ( with gold it happen in few days , with
> palladium it could take years) . For sure if the palladium chloride is eep
> in a closed bottle. I found an old bottle of palladium chloride and there
> was no powder in it but paste of palladium chloride as it absorb water.

But it's my understanding that gold chloride that's turned liquid is still
"good", that if you know how much was in the container before it
deliquesced, say a gram, you could add the right amount of water and use
it... (In fact I dimly recall doing that years ago.) And if that's true,
maybe for palladium also?

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