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        PHOTOGRAPHY IN NEW YORK has changed formats and names to PHOTOGRAPHY.
Should still be available in galleries.

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On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> ...Plus I've learned that even if you're in a car in a "no standing
> zone", that the traffic cops will stand in font of your turned on car not
> letting you move and write you a $115 ticket. That was my welcome to NYC.

Chris, what the cop was trying to explain to you is that a car in NYC is
grief and the subways are amazingly good. But here's a trick may make
things better or worse -- keep a disposable camera in the glove
compartment, and when something like that happens make a big show of
taking a picture of the "action." If that doesn't dispersuade the cop, and
you want to take the trouble of going to court, it has happened that a
judge will take pity on a newcomer first day... as in "guilty with an
explanation." However, rest assured that if you are parked legally and
some bozo double parks so you can't get out, you can honk and holler and
call 911 and no cops will appear.

Probably the hot show in town right now is John Currin at the Whitney, but
of course that's painting. NYC is generally dismal on alt photo, tho the
Times arts & leisure section (Sunday), and Time Out New York, The New
Yorker, and various other publications do a weekly schedule with separate
section for photography. But the Friday Times lists current shows and
reviews. Sunday Times only does Cultcha. Those dreadful boxes covered with
graffiti lining the sidewalk could have Village Voice, which is mostly
ads by sex workers but also some art reviews and Vince Aletti on
photography. Also listings. And it's free. As is the Onion... which has
spotty arts coverage, but often late breaking news in the headlines.

Once you get to a gallery you can pick up (usually free) a copy of Gallery
Guide (I mean they get them free, some charge $5, but if they're out, just
take one). Photo galleries used to have Photography in New York. Haven't
seen it lately, but then I haven't been anywhere lately come to think of
it... wearing out my computer chair trying to get something done on #9.
John Stevenson has had a run of interesting shows, if you MUST go out in
this weather (going to be in the teens tomorrow, Wednesday, or that's
really today) you could try him at 338 West 23 St, and Robert Mann on 11th
Ave. Welcome to NYC. Winter is not our best feature... Spring doesn't
exist. Summer is awful. But fall is glorious.

PS. Oddlot at 14th Street and Broadway (or maybe it's 4th Avenue) has
disposable cameras, 2 for $5, 27 frames each. Best bargain in NY.
and the Leica of disposables, Kodak, for $5.


> I have email sporadically so I might not be able to reply right away. That
> reminds me, if any of you living here know of free internet cafes can you
> please send me the address of these. Right now I'm using T-Mobile in
> Starbucks and I hate supporting both these companies just to get online.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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