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From: Phillip Murphy ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/06/04-06:43:47 PM Z
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Three working Daguerreotypists in New York... amazing !

Best of luck for the New Year Christopher!


Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> Hi all just wanted to inform that I've just entered the wonderful insanity
> that is New York City moving from just as wonderful San Francisco. If there
> are any of you who can suggest or advise anything (photo related or anything
> else I guess) about NYC that would be great! I've been here many times so
> I'm pretty good with knowing the surroundings but I've never lived here. My
> partner will be working at Columbia University and I might be as well but
> that's still not a definite.
> So any good exhibits or galleries I should go to or anything else would be
> great to know. Right now I'm shooting myself in the foot because I got here
> too late for the Daguerreotype exhibit at the Met. I came in that day it
> ended! Plus I've learned that even if you're in a car in a "no standing
> zone", that the traffic cops will stand in font of your turned on car not
> letting you move and write you a $115 ticket. That was my welcome to NYC.
> I have email sporadically so I might not be able to reply right away. That
> reminds me, if any of you living here know of free internet cafes can you
> please send me the address of these. Right now I'm using T-Mobile in
> Starbucks and I hate supporting both these companies just to get online.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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