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I would not rush into anything. I would bet that Dick Arentz failed to fact
check that item. I have seen palladium chloride powder that was several
years old mix fine and work normally. He may have been mixing up the
Na2PdCl4 and PdCl2. I would not ask Rick Clayton but speak to the chemist.
I don't have his name in front of me I believe it was Dr. Redmond, but he
was very helpful in dispelling some other myths about palladium chloride.

It should be kept dry and in a tightly sealed container, yes, but don't rush
out and mix up what you have. If postage to England would prevent any one
from shipping their supply to Tony, just send it here to Texas and I'll put
it to use. : )

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> Ahh, so that's where *keep your powder dry" originated!
> Guess I'd better get to mixing up solutions too before the powder
> changes, either mythically or chemically. ;^)
> Dan
> You said in your message...
> >As long as sensible precautions are
> >taken and the powder kept dry it should last a life time.
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