Re: btzs tubes and clearing kodak films

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Date: 02/26/04-05:01:51 PM Z
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>There are two issues. One is clearing of the emulsion in fixing. We
>normally fix for about two times the clearing time and times don't
>vary very much with films. The other issue is clearing of the
>anti-halation backing of the base. This varies a lot with films, and
>I understood that your original question was about this.

Oh. How can you tell if the anti-halation layer has cleared?
sometimes I think it has, and then I see when I wash the film that it
is a bit bluish. I usually don't notice this until it's already in
the wash. Can you see it in the fix and clearing bath? I noticed
today that the hypo clearing bath was noticeably blue after I removed
the films from it. I guess that means that some anti-halation stuff
came off in that bath.

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