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Date: 02/26/04-02:54:46 PM Z
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>>There is no magical time because the time it takes to clear the
>>anti-halation coating varies a lot with films. The Hungarian films
>>clear quickly and completely in five minutes in the fixer, while
>>some of the Kodak films, Tmax films in particular, won't clear
>>completely with ten minutes in the fixer and 20 -30 minute washes.
>What are the Hungarian films?

Forte, Bergger BPF, JandC Classic, maybe Fomopan and perhaps Efke.
The first three for sure are all made at the same plant in Hungary,
or at least I have been lead to believe this is true.

>>I always remove the film from the tubes after the stop-bath and fix
>>and wash in trays. Whatever period of time it takes to clear the
>>anti-halation back is the time I use.
>I take the film out of the tubes after the developer, and stop and
>fix and wash in trays. In two minutes, the film clears, but the
>directions say to leave them in there four times as long as it takes
>to clear the film.

There are two issues. One is clearing of the emulsion in fixing. We
normally fix for about two times the clearing time and times don't
vary very much with films. The other issue is clearing of the
anti-halation backing of the base. This varies a lot with films, and
I understood that your original question was about this.

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