btzs tubes and clearing kodak films

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Date: 02/26/04-01:20:02 PM Z
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I use BTZS tubes to process 4x5 and 8x10 negatives. The directions
say to leave it in the hypo for about four times as long as the film
takes to clear. For me that works out to 8 minutes. Also it says
to leave it in a double strength solution of hypo clearing agent for
extra time, but it doesn't say how long. All this is to get rid of
the anti-halation layer in Kodak films. I have noticed that if I
don't do this extra fixing and clearing, that sometimes there is a
faint cyan color to the negatives. I wonder how long other people
who use these tubes are leaving film in the fixer and then the hypo
clearing agent, and if you ever have trouble even then getting rid of
the anti halation layer.

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