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> Chris,
> When it snows in South Carolina, even an inch or so, school is
> cancelled, regardless of what the administrations says or does!! It
> is called self-cancel, carried out by the students with a compliant
> faculty. Seriously, no way I am going to leave the comfort and safety
> of up home and venture out on the roads around here when there is
> snow. That would be like playing demolition derby.
> But the great thing about snow here is that it goes away quickly. The
> forecast is calling for up to eight inches or more of snow here today
> and tonight, but up to the high 60s by the weekend.
> Now forgot about your classes and pretend that you are Ansel in Yosemite.
> Sandy

What's that joke about the southerner that moves to New England ?
The worst thing about snow for me here in MD is not having 4 wheel drive,
I like going out in snow to shoot but have a lot of local stuff already, I
want farther ends of my state at this point. I used to have a great 4x4
and get lots of good pics of frozen streams etc......with a lower slung
car I can't pull off the road......I guess I should consider a 4x4 along
with my 4x5!

Hey but I am going to Monterey at the end of May. Any body have good places
to see along the coast?
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