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>> Actually Dave, testing something like that where the difference might
>> be
>> subtle, I wouldn't use 2 step tablets, but cover half the width of one
>> step tablet with the material. Step tablets, at least the 2115 I use,
>> have variations from strip to strip. Of course sometimes they don't,
>> but
>> .... often they do. Using the same strip is easy & (fairly)
>> definitive.
>> I recently tested saran wrap and a sheet of clear plastic, by the way.
>> Both showed same difference...
>> But speaking of step tablets, Tamara should get one... then she'll
>> know
>> what if anything she's doing wrong. For a beginner to judge "dense
>> negative," or "deep shadows," or whatever is nearly impossible... In
>> fact
>> it's not easy for old timers... development of the film can give
>> different colors and the effect very deceptive.

what do u recommend for me? i have a nice densitrometer that i got
when my lab closed (originally 3g) so i can do some testing... i am
doing albumen printing, which requires an AVERAGE density of 1.7 to
2.0, but i don't really know how to test that.
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