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on 2/25/04 5:20 AM, Susan Huber at wrote:

> Hello Micheal, there is a website devoted to panorama cameras and images- I
> think it is also a stock ageny. The site is;
> I do love panoramic images and happen to use a Fuji 690- 65 lens as a
> back-up but am pimarily user of 8 by 10 inch negatives
> (
> A little discussion group would be nice- I have seen your site before and it
> is nice. Wish I had the time to go- an 8 by 10 camera is not too easy to
> travel with
> unless you have a Phillips (which I have). Good luck, Susan.


I had an old Deardorff 8x10 that I packed around for years! You should see
the places I took it! Loved that camera, but finally sold it due to unuse.

Rented a Noblex for a week, took it backpacking and really liked it.

My goal right now it to get a KB Canham 12x20 camera and shoot negs for
developing in pyro then do some Carbon, Pt/pd and maybe a gum or two. Also
gearing up to do some very high-res digital panorama photos from my D1x to
make digital negs from for polymergravures and also carbons and pt/pd

Thanks for the comments on the site. I have been thinking of promoting a
trip that's for 4x5 and larger (but that market is even smaller than my
target audience is right now anyway).

I'll go to your site and see what you're up to.


Michael Slade
Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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