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Hi Jim,
I bought a UV-lamp in a secondhand store for $10. It's a Philips type
Is has 6 UV-tubes (TLK 40W/9) and produces 240 Watt output. It has a
(lamp)size of 12x24" and can easily light a field
of 15x30 or even a bit more (depending on the box I'm gonna build around
II haven't done platinum printing but I did some Cyantype, Kallitype and Gum
printing with UV-lamps like these.
It works fine.

Maybe an option for you??

Greetings from
Bert from Holland "have fun and catch that lightbeam"
my website:

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  Van: Jim Collum []
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  Onderwerp: Nu Arc First Light exposure unit

  I'm moving from 8x10/11x14 platinum prints to 16x20-20x24. I've been
looking around at exposure units and found one sold by Nuarc called First
Light. It's a table top unit with a max screen size of 23x31". Anyone have
experience with this unit? (it sells for about $1300 new)

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