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Hi Charlotte,
I just followed a gum printing course. This is how I learned to do it (and
it works).

First of all: not all sorts op paper are supposed to be suitable (due to
certain chemicals in it).
The paper I used was treated with gelatine (and dried) prior to applying the
The emulsion was fresh made. I used two brushes (flat, about 2" wide).
The first is dipped in the gum-solution (not too much) and used to the
printing area of the paper.
I make strokes from left to right (and back) and from top to bottom (and
back) until all the
printing area is covered. The emulsion is still uneven and looks blurred.
I immediately use the dry brush and make the same moves to spread the
emulsion more even.
The second brush touches the paper very softly (let it slide, don't push).
By doing this, the emulsion looks smooth and even all over.

Maybe this helps.

Greetings from
Bert from Holland "have fun and catch that lightbeam"
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Does anyone know of paper that is pre-printed with gum emulsion? Every time
I try to brush on emulsion (or use the glass rods), it is so uneven and
either too thick or too thin. Thanks, Charlotte
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