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1. Have you allocated a good portion of your memory to the Photoshop
2. How big is your hard disc?
3. Does it have room for manipulating your image?
4. How much room do you have left on your hard disc? (important)
5. How big are you files you're working with?

   Overall PS7 (as other versions) likes about 5 times the size of your
file to roam around in what is called scratch. If your hard disc per se
is quite filled w/programs and files you'll crash all the time. For
instance, if you have a 40 gig hard disc and it's filled with 30+ gigs
of data and programs, you will be in trouble to work in Photoshop.
   512 RAM should be fine if you're not working on 100 gig files. For
instance, I have a little iMac & it's been upgraded w/a 120 gig HD and
a gig of RAM. sometimes 300 meg files are made (but not kept) and,
okay, it is slow, but, I have about 80 gigs of free disc space. I burn
all extraneous data to CD's.
        Hope this might aid you somewhat.
        Jack Fulton

> Just following the discussion of scanners and Photoshop:
> I often find that Photoshop locks up (quits responding.) Frustrating
> to
> I'm running Photoshop 7.0 on a 1 ghz PC with 512 k RAM. Seems like it
> should
> be working better.
> Solutions? Advice?
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