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Date: 02/22/04-04:40:10 PM Z
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I run PS7.0 on 500MHz, 256 Mg Ram, old Gateway, Pentium II and it doesn't
lock up.
I run the memory allocation at 70%.
It sits and churns a bit on files larger the say 36 mg up.
I know that's small to some of you but I thought the info might help.
But come to think of it, I like coffee and get up to go to the bathroom a
lot anyway.
Also if you run anti virus software you may look there.

Good luck,
Houston, TX

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Just following the discussion of scanners and Photoshop:
I often find that Photoshop locks up (quits responding.) Frustrating to
I'm running Photoshop 7.0 on a 1 ghz PC with 512 k RAM. Seems like it should
be working better.

Solutions? Advice?

Barry Kleider
Photographer. Arts Educator.
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