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Date: 02/20/04-04:47:22 PM Z
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Re: Clearprint Vellum
 > Has anyone noticed this, or do I have a "bad" roll of Clearprint?

I've not noticed this but I've been making Kalitypes on the Clearprint vellum so maybe that doesn't compare to your process as  regarding the spots.

> I was printing on Clearprint to see if I could get the inkjet dither to show up and I don't seem to see any, which is nice.

How are you controlling the dot gain with Clearprint? Creating a digital negative (or positive) on this paper creates soft (blured) output. This may be okay for a creative effect but is not always what I desired. As I remember you maybe using an Epson 7600. Are you using a 3rd party RIP to print with? Are you getting sharp negatives with the Clearprint?

I'm in the process of setting up a Linux workstation to use Roy Harrington's QuadTone Rip. BTW, this RIP, if anyone is interested can be used on a MAC or a Linux OS but not on a PC. It is very inexpensive and apparently works quite well with quad/hextone inkjet inks for regular printing so I'm hopping it will control the quadtone inks precisely on my 1160 for making negatives. Now if I could just get my darkroom operational again .....


Don Bryant


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