Clearprint Vellum

Date: 02/19/04-10:39:24 PM Z
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I was looking at some PT/PD prints on Clearprint Vellum after I had ironed
them tonight and with a 3x loupe I noticeds some little speckles on the lighter
tones... then I saw the same in paper white areas too. I switched to a 10x
loupe and indeed I was seeing like little specks of pepper embedded in the fiber
of the paper. I checked some recent PT/PD prints on Stonehenge and did not
see the same pepper effect. Wondering if this was something from the PT/PD
process, I looked at a piece of virgin Clearprint and there are the same little
speckles. Has anyone noticed this, or do I have a "bad" roll of Clearprint?

I was printing on Clearprint to see if I could get the inkjet dither to show
up and I don't seem to see any, which is nice.

Mark Nelson
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