Plate review: Printight model number KM 73

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/19/04-02:12:27 PM Z
Message-id: <>

Using an inkjet printed step wedge (on Pictorico OHP) from a Dan Burkholder CD,
I found this combination to work very well using plates Printight model number
KM 73 available from Box Car press as "EcoEtch gravure plates for photogravure".

I exposed in a frame vacuum (with light dusting of baby powder on the plate)
using a bank of black light bulbs for the following times:

        2 minutes: 80% density 300lpi continuous tone screen (from Alpha Graphics in
Santa Fe - Thanks Peter!)
        1 minute, 45 seconds: step wedge transparency image (using all black ink)

Full procedure here. Feel free to send comments to me directly on the

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