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On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:

> ... McSorley's (today's NYTimes), your lovely neighborhood, the
> Hudson River walking, way uptown, the smoked mozzarella, all the

Well actually Jack, that McSorley's piece is a perfect example of why
history is bunk. Whoever wrote that nostalgic drivel probably only knows
"McSorley's" (and I do mean the quotation marks) from some kid who thinks
it's a big deal. In fact, when I went to school down the block (Cooper
Union) Mcsorley's did not admit women.... a fact greeted with gaping
disbelief by you young whippersnappers when I've mentioned it. In fact it
was probably some 20 years later before women were admitted. As I recall
it was during the 70s, and the "feminazi's" simply walked in. That was
admittedly a bit later than the stoning and selling into slavery and that
other stuff of Leviticus, but not out of line with other practices of its

Of course McSorley's wasn't a good hangout for the guys at school either,
because 7th st was the turf of Ukranian hoods (and I don't mean headgear)
and any males not in their gang who ventured there would get seriously
beat up. Meanwhile, McSorely's is now a nationally distributed brand of
beer -- maybe one day they'll make a franchise of the old 7th street, and
get some actors to play the Ukranians.... (If the pay is too low, they'll
have to get illegals, maybe Mexicans.)

I have found -- as perhaps others have begun to discover -- the older you
get the more often you see that "history" is a series of more or LESS
charming lies. (Which may be why the bad old texts of names and dates
weren't so bad after all -- you could be pretty sure about them.)

Meanwhile, at grad school in a class where the whippersnapper
"professor" had some cockamamie theory about media (Reader's Digest,
Life Magazine, newspapers, etc.) that I was raised on, I was so rash as
to make corrections. You can imagine how this went over.

HOWEVER, bringing this back to alternative processes, the fact is that I
am really really annoyed -- how dare Adam start something so provocative
and nobody bothers to tell those of us with prehistoric uncooperative
browsers that hate us what that video was ABOUT !


> .... I stood naked
> with my arms flung toward the north star Polaris. That self portrait i
> brought back and made into one of those Halochromium images which came
> out a sort of golden color with me and teh moon and playa slightly
> blue. The term for standing under moonbeams is . . hold your breath .
> . apricating. This apricating neath beams from the bright moon gave a
> lilt to the tilt of my non-kilt and the Halochrome seemed appropriate.
> For me, it is not the process, nor the methodology, but the
> application. Yes, the application of the aprication.

Jack, that sounds absolutely gorgeous... a peak/peek experience.

We did a little apricating the night of the blackout last summer -- a
breathtakingly bright moon hung right across the street, not diminished by
city lights... and we could actually see by it. I went out to see it again
at 4 AM. Everybody had gone home; just me and the moon. I was in my
nightgown, also picturesque I like to think.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, and in any event probably could not
have done it justice. Your halochrome probably did. Bravo.

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