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Date: 02/18/04-10:18:03 AM Z
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        Don't quite know what to say here. The West Coast is different but I
love NYC. McSorley's (today's NYTimes), your lovely neighborhood, the
Hudson River walking, way uptown, the smoked mozzarella, all the
activity in the lower East Side. California has the pounding Pacific
surf. I may drive out to Pt. Reyes where I sorta grew up on an oyster
farm and watch the up to 30+ foot waves that you can sometimes stand
but fifty feet from as the beach is so rocky and steep. Then, too, we
may drive 3 hours to my cabin on Donner Summit to experience up to 30'
of snow nearly burying the place which you must walk about 1/3 of a
kilometer to reach.
        But, I go the desert region of Nevada most where I once stood under a
full on my birthday, June 30th, in the dead geological center of the
state on a large flat playa where, alone, at midnight, I stood naked
with my arms flung toward the north star Polaris. That self portrait i
brought back and made into one of those Halochromium images which came
out a sort of golden color with me and teh moon and playa slightly
blue. The term for standing under moonbeams is . . hold your breath .
. apricating. This apricating neath beams from the bright moon gave a
lilt to the tilt of my non-kilt and the Halochrome seemed appropriate.
        For me, it is not the process, nor the methodology, but the
application. Yes, the application of the aprication.
Cheers, peace, love health
from the west,

> On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:
>> print into a plated silver or gold color. They recommend
>> using an image
>> which of great contrast so as to intensify the toned
>> aspect while also being
>> slightly less exposed than normal.
>> 2. you can use an image that is developed but NOT fixed and you
>> print it so
>> it's a bit darker than normal to it will stand out against the
>> silvered background.
> Jack, I'm curious -- from your intimate description I gather you or
> your
> students have used that method quite a lot... Neither I nor anyone I
> know
> liked the results/effects of that method .... but I realize
> everything is
> different on the west coast -- it was nice there?
> J.
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