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Date: 02/18/04-03:13:34 PM Z
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OK, ok, it is indeed Alt-Photo-Process. Not Alt-Photo-Art-and-Politics.
I probably shouldn't have provided an opinion and offended those among us
who are participating in, supporting, or otherwise sympathetic to hate
groups like the scary Georgia Christians shown in Adam's Film.

In so far as art is often political and alt-photo can sometimes be art,
it's easy to get carried away with ranting about the intolerance for
differences in others and other injustices well-conceived and executed
artwork sometimes reveals.

I'll try to stick to process (legislative nothwithstanding) from now on.

So who here heats their developer in a coffee pot? How about them Mets?


On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Gregory W Blank wrote:

> on 2/18/04 1:06 PM, at wrote:
> As an observant Jew I find this e-mail anti-Semitic....what does this have
> to do with alliterative processes?
> Are you serious? Alliterative Processes? This group is about photography!!!
> Not politics, so you and whoever
> are both out of place.
> This is Alternative-Photo-Process, BTW.
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