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Well, I think it should have been clear from the context, but on the second
paragraph I meant to say "I don't think it is appropriate...."

Dave S

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> I agree that when I read it, I didn't feel it was anti-semistic but
> anti Christian or Christian Coalition, but then I am not Jewish so I
> have the same feeling they have, so I cannot completely tell....
> But then there might be some/many christians or people who support
> Coalition on this list. It is clear that many will have different opinions
> and feel differently about the quoted statement, but I don't think it is
> appropriate to continue the discussion about that on this board. Can we
> agree on that?
> And I am not blaming anyone either. Could we just put this to rest?
> Dave S
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> give me a break
> stop trying to create stuff
> it isn't anti-semitic it is anti christian coalition. HELLO. Open
> your eyes and stop thinking about yourself. I was raised Orthodoxy but
> people are so blind by their faith that they can't see past it to
> anything else.
> THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU! Its about me!
> adam.
> and it has nothing to do with alternative processes, thats why i
> prefaced the email to include a blip about it.
> please
> open your mind
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