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i tend to use an enlarging lens held in front of my eye flipped
backwards. works like a charm. i was taught in college to use spit as
a wetting medium, isn't that a riot.

also, don, i got a perfect color match when i desperately needed to
finish a brown print *now* and all i had on hand was Calligrapher's
sepia ink. i was lucky that day i guess.


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On Feb 16, 2004, at 6:19 AM, pete wrote:

> Don,
> A linen tester is a kind of loupe . I donít know how it got this name
> must
> be something to do with the textile industry. It is mainly used by
> stamp
> collectors and usually available in there shops, however I have seen
> them
> for sale in art materials outlets.If you can imagine a squarish three
> dimensional letter E with the centre bit removed this the shape. The
> top
> contains a magnifying glass and the bottom has a square hole cut out
> of it
> to give a frame. The corners are hinged so that if you fold it one way
> it
> makes a compact case, but if it is folded the other way it stands
> upright on
> your stamp or artwork. They come in different sizes I prefer the 1inch
> size.
> The beauty of this handy little tool when in use it is open on three
> sides.
> This allows you to get a brush right down onto the area to be
> retouched, and
> you can see just what you are doing at eight times magnification. I
> also use
> two of these little beasts when registering a set of CMYK negs. One on
> one
> set of cross hairs and one on another. This allows for very tight
> initial
> registration. I have had one for nearly forty years and needless to
> say it
> is a prized possession.
> Hope this helps
> Pete
>> Pete,
>> and then if there are very small white
>>> bits
>>> left use an eight times linen tester
>> What is eight times linen tester?
>> Don
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