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On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Bob Kiss wrote:

> Let's not forget that recent studies have suggested that Van Gogh had his
> mental problems because he used to hold his brushes in his mouth...the paint
> wet ends...while working with another color. He used Cadmium yellow, lead
> white (before it was banned) and cobalt blue. Imaging the havoc that can
> play with your nervous system and liver!!!

That's about the 5th "explanation" of Van Gogh's mental problems I've
read... some of the others actually sounding more plausible...not to
mention that what we know of his nuclear family situation could set
someone off on its own-- for instance he had an older brother named
Vincent, who died. He was named Vincent as the replacement. that's
certain. We're also told that he never felt he lived up to the older
brother, or that his parents thought he didn't. That's plausible.

However, although Van Gogh did some sketching and watercolor, his primary
medium was oils. They're not soluble in water, and I doubt VERY much that
he would innocently ingest any -- the odor and taste would militate
against that -- unless he was already suicidal.

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