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Let's not forget that recent studies have suggested that Van Gogh had his
mental problems because he used to hold his brushes in his mouth...the paint
wet ends...while working with another color. He used Cadmium yellow, lead
white (before it was banned) and cobalt blue. Imaging the havoc that can
play with your nervous system and liver!!!
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  Years ago the folks at Elgin Watch Company who painted radium dials used
to do that very thing... wet their brushes by running them over the tip of
their tongues... after they retired they started losing their tongues...

  Mark Nelson
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    I've seen some photographers use their spittle for spotting silver
    gelatin but they look so silly with black streaks on their tongue. As a
    mater of fact that's how Michael A. Smith recommends spotting. I've seen
    him do it.
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