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Hi Adam,

This may seem like a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway. The header of
your post is "albumen gelatin", are you mixing gelatin with the albumen? If
so that could account for the congealing you are getting.

I still have part of a batch of albumen that I mixed over 2 years ago. It
was made using the traditional raw egg method found in the Christopher James
book (raw egg, glacial acetic acid, distilled water, and ammonium chloride).
It has been stored in a refrigerator at about 40F and warmed for use
whenever I have decided to make a few prints (very infrequently). I just
opened it and it is still as liquid, probably more so, as it was when first

Hope this helps,


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> hey...
> sorry to keep asking about albumen, but as i work through things, i
> feel the need to ask questions.
> my albumen is congealing after a few weeks/months of being a solution.
> it is starting to sorta act like... a souffle. my current batch has
> become 1/2 way to an omelette.
> anyone know any suggestions for keeping albumen a totally aqueous
> sol'n?
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