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On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 wrote:

> Here's another offbeat, weird, perverted question—relax Judy, it has nothing
> to do with why you frequent "Fight Bars"....

Hey, doesn't everybody?

> ...when handling the wet paper, perhaps even thinner wet paper, does
> picking it up by a corner and swinging it about the room cause the paper
> to stretch at all? Hanging to dry by a corner?

Of course it's an issue... Don't hang paper to dry, especially not by a
corner, if you plan to do any re-register. That's aside from the
possibility of tearing off a corner of a paper with low wet strength (eg
Zerkal, among others). Dry the paper flat at a slight angle (so water
won't puddle), best on something that will permit air to come from
underneath, too... a screen is good unless it's the kind of thin weak
paper that will take on the texture of the screen, especially after it's
had a long soak, or been shrunk in hot water...

I'm also told by folks savvy about paper that drying slower rather than
faster will improve dimensional stability...

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