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Date: 02/15/04-09:13:37 AM Z
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Here's another offbeat, weird, perverted question—relax Judy, it has nothing
to do with why you frequent "Fight Bars"....

I know many of you do multi-coat processes and have to deal with the
embarrassing syndrome made famous on the Seinfeld Show called "shrinkage".

I was musing the other day and I wondered if there are papers that also have
the reverse problem or a comibination of the two, which might be called the
Viagra Syndrome, or stretching. By this I mean when handling the wet paper,
perhaps even thinner wet paper, does picking it up by a corner and swinging it
about the room cause the paper to stretch at all? Hanging to dry by a corner?

I think this would be noticed when trying to get subsequent negatives to
register properly.

Or, perhaps it is not an issue at all.

OK, I'll go back into my cage now.

Thanks for responding in advance of my question.....well you know what I

Mark Nelson
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