Re: Oiled Digital Neg + Cyanotype = Simplest Method For A Beginne r ?!? [ HELP! :)]

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Date: 02/13/04-04:16:21 PM Z
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On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Kate Mahoney wrote:

> And mylar blocks uv as well so you'll have to tweak exposures

Hi Kate, as usual you're a day ahead of us: Happy Valentine's Day.

Years ago I used Saran wrap instead of mylar... and it seemed to have
little or no extra UV blocking... that was when Saran was distinctly
thicker than the cheaper Glad wrap. Now Saran is about half as thick as
it was and would possibly be much tougher to pull absolutely smooth. But
if you can, it doesn't block like Mylar, and you don't have to worry about
cleaning off stickum, just throw it away.

However there are very thin plastic sheets sold for some purpose or other
(I think anti static, I have a pack will look for it), with more body than
Saran, clearer than mylar... worth a try (bought from graphic supply

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