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In my section on paper negatives (P-F #8, p. 42) I give the findings on
Chartham 180 gsm for vellum...

On p. 39 I say I tried a dozen different vellums for inkjet negs, a few of
which worked within limits. [But] a Seth cole Vellum, great on a 600 dpi
laser and the Epson 7500 was lousy on my 1160. A Canson vellum was better
on the 1160 than on the laser printer.

The best vellum for my 1160 was Chartham 180 gams, probably too thick &
fuzzy for platinum or other super-sharp prints... also sturdy. A lighter
weight Chartham, 112 gsm, is less dimensionally stable & floods more.

In the notes p. 39 I said Opaline, another 180 gsm bellum, prints
beautifully & looks beautiful, but seems to block UV light, 45 min did not
fully expose cyanotype.

Also, "other vellums, such as Cora-Lene by Seth Cole, print well on the HP
Designjet 500... Another name dropped but without further detail is
Schoellerhamer #6 transparency."

Conclusion is obviously you have to test on your printer.

There were some other VERY sharp vellums that I didn't record because they
didn't get density on my printer, or were too thin & brittle.

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