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Kinda like PhotoVision Magazine; a while back on the list I mentioned that
an article of mine on mordancage was coming out in the Jan/Feb issue of
PhotoVision. Well, I got a letter a couple weeks ago saying the magazine
ceased publication with the Nov/Dec issue. Oh well, at least I have a copy
of the layout of the article as it was meant to go to press...

I think the digital field has so much coming and going, and I know
PhotoVision struggled between the two.

Not that this hasn't been the norm for the photographic field. In research
thru the late 1800's a new process would be the rage, businesses would rise
up to cash in on its commercial possibilities, and then another process
would supplant it 10 years later.
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> An interesting note regarding Piezography that appeared on the Large
> Printer List:
> First, to understand the relationship between InkJetMall and Cone
> Editions, read the first paragraph at:
> Then see case #04-10148 at:
> This is a Chapter 11 filing (which allows for
> "reorganization")
> Mark Nelson
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