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Date: 02/13/04-08:31:35 AM Z
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From: "Baird, Darryl" <>
Subject: RE: rangefinder digital camera
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 09:03:51 -0500

> does the text make any mention of the focal length conversion factors
> for this digital camera?

No, it doesn't say anything about the image sensor size or conversion
of angle of view.

I have tried Cosina-Voigtlander Heliar 15mm on Bessa L, and the result
was pretty good. It makes funky party pictures but it's a pain in the
azz to print those things, and these days people don't want hard
prints for party pics any more. Though I don't think I have money to
buy it, I think it's very nice to have these cameras on market!

(I prefer rangefinder cameras and TLRs in general, more than SLRs)

Ryuji Suzuki
"Reality has always had too many heads." (Bob Dylan, Cold Irons Bound, 1997)
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