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Hi Loris your Temperprint is very good for the first try ,i can asure you
mine was not as good as yours,But after seeing Peter Fredrick demonstrate
this process, it is a constant source of amazement to me ,as i mentioned in
my earlier post the very adapability of the process,his Fundermentals of The
Temperaprint Process which is available on his website is a must read for
any one seriously considering Temperaprinting,one can get from Ctype like
definition to Photoimpressionism by adapting your technique.Also have a look
at the work of Helena Cleary from the BJP article on temperaprinting i think
some time last year. Dennis Klinker
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> Hi Dennis, the difference is minimal with the extra 3 coats (very
> slightly denser). Will upload the current status of the image soon... (I
> don't think it is that good - but it's good enough for the first
> trial...)
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> > Loris i really would like to see your latest Temperaprint
> > wirh your two final coats,i looked at the site you gave with
> > your first Temperaprint and was amazed by the quality of it.I
> > think that the Temperaprint process is one of the great
> > secrets of Photo Alt and i am always amazed by its
> > adaptability. Dennis Klinker
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