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Hi Dave,

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> Since you mentioned that you were a picky person, I would
> recommend doing testings with smaller size. For example, you
> can take a 3x5" area of your negative which cover both
> highlights and shadows and make 10 copies with highlight
> exposure (since you got that pretty nicely already), then try
> different shadow coating/exposure for each of them.

Thanks Dave this was helpful,

I guess I'm going to struggle some more with the print I have in hands
(a small print: 6" x 6")... Will try with some more pigment (with the
current pigment ratio the dakness of coating corresponds to Zone VII 1/2
- Zone VIII; maybe this should be darker...) I've finished the 5th coat,
will go to the 10th (thinking a tri-color temperaprint is around 10-12
coats this makes sense for monochrome also...)

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